Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Termas Geométricas

Another day last week we took the bus to the town of Coñaripe and caught a ride up to Termas Geométricas.  These hot springs are located way up in the hills in a fern and moss-lined canyon.  There are not really words to describe how amazing they are.  We started out by walking a long, winding, red-painted gangplank to the huge waterfall (where you could actually swim but it was freezing!) and worked our way back to the start.  The river ran under the gangplank all the way through and on each side of the walkway were more pools than we could count, all lined in slate tiles and wrapped with detailed, red fencing.  The pools ranged in temperature and they all were beautiful zen spaces, so much that we could barely get ourselves to leave and try the next one.
In order to not get too caught up in all the mindfulness and relaxing, Cal and Harper splashed and swam like fish.  Cal had a break-through day in the water and swam under most of the time. He is an official swimmer now!  (So much that he repeatedly tried to go in over his head and I had to rescue him (and ream him out a couple times.))  Harper did handstand after handstand, and it was definitely one of those days where I couldn’t stop thinking about how much she seems like such a grown-up kid lately.  

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