Friday, February 10, 2012

Ciao Chile

We left Chile on Monday of this week.  Unfortunately I got sick and it took us a little longer than planned to get to our next destination- Bariloche, Argentina.  We left Chiloé on Saturday, stayed at a great little hostel called Zapato Amarillo in Puerto Octay for a couple nights so I could rest, and then we took the bus across the border and into Argentina.
Harper and Cal in the lake outside Puerto Octay (the name escapes me) 
This painting shows what the other side of the lake looks like when it is not so cloudy.  There are actually 4 huge volcanoes that you can see around the lake.  We saw them all on the bus ride into town but I didn't get a photo.

Cal, Harper and Danny took out paddle boats while I slept all day Sunday at the hostel.
Cal was the "stander" of the boat.
It looks like snow but these are ashes lining the sides of the road down the Argentina side of the border.  Volcano Puyehue in Chile erupted in June and the effects are still visible.   
Ashes plowed to the sides of the road.

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