Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adios Granja

We left the farm Monday morning after a great last day.  Claire and Loren, the volunteers at the farm, babysat for our kids Sunday and Danny and I got to run into to town for a lunch date.  It was our first time away from the kids in ages and we were giddy to be away.  We did a little shopping, had lunch and just talked to one another without interruptions.  It was very nice.

Sunday night we were invited to Tea at Alex and Christina's house.  The volunteers made crepes, some of Alex and Christina's friends came over with cakes and croissants (medialunas in Spanish which I love- half moons is the direct translation) and we introduced everyone to our famous Peak to Peak pancake.  It was a hit.  We covered it with fresh berries from the farm and melted Nutella.  Harper had a great idea and  put fresh mint around the edges.  I love that notices and appreciates such little details.  We all laughed that with so much food we must have some kind of holiday to celebrate and when Danny mentioned it was the day of his Mom's birthday we all sang Cumpleaños Feliz in her honer.

After the kids finally woke up Monday morning at 9am, we packed everything up, said our last goodbyes, and headed into town for the apart-hotel we had for the night before we flew out early the next morning.
We arrived in El Calafate in Patagonia midday Tuesday, hopped a bus for the town of El Chalten and then patiently waited 24 hours for the arrival of Grandpa Bob and Grandma Shirley.  More on all that later!
View from the plane coming into El Calafate
View from the bus coming into El Chalten

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