Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Around towns

Here are some photos from the towns of el Chálten and el Calafate- kind of like Carbondale and Glenwood Springs in their feel.  One small, funky and very community-minded; the other one big, and touristy.  We are flying south to the port town of Ushuaia (some say the most southern city in the world!) later this evening.  Yesterday we visited the Perito Moreno glacier at Glacier National Park outside of el Calafate, but I have so many photos to go through it might be a little while until I make my next post.
Somebody left a garbage truck unattended!  Quick, jump on Standers!
Our park in el Chálten right across from the hotel.
Our empanada shop, also across the street from the hotel in el Chálten.
Some street performers in el Chálten singing, "I've gotta horse but he won't giddy-up..."
"...until he hears a tune."
Stone family Seesaw-a-thon in a Calafate park.  Subi-y-Bajo en español

His Spanish isn't perfect, but Grandpa Bob understands he is being scolded for riding upon the children's equipment.
Cal reads up on some Darwin in a park in Calafate before we head south to the Beagle Channel.

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