Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lago Capri Hike

"Think we can climb it?"  "You go first, Harper."
Saturday we all climbed up towards Lago Capri.  It was a steady uphill trail and we all got our hearts pumping on the way up.  The day started out gray and overcast but as it went on the clouds cleared and the sun peaked through.  Thankfully the wind was barely blowing so we were really comfortable and had a great hike.

We stopped a couple times on the way up and Harper and Cal found lots of rocks to climb upon.  Grandpa Bob led the way up a couple big boulders and Cal and Harper were thrilled to follow him up.  You'd never guess Bob's age watching him climb around with the kids.
A great role model for our two year-old and five year-old.
Here we come, Grandpa!

Danny and I continued on to the lake while the kids stayed back at a nice overlook for lunch and hanging out with Bob and Shirley.  They spent the time collecting treasures, jumping off rocks and playing around.  We hiked up to a lake that should have had a beautiful glacier to view just beyond it, but it was too cloudy to see much.  Either way we had a nice time getting some exercise and talking just us.
Harper and Grandma are pretty much inseparable so far.
Dirty, snotty, banged-up, lovable Cal
On the way down Harper and Cal found as many walking sticks as they could amass to be just like Grandma and Grandpa with their hiking poles.  We also spotted a Patagonian Woodpecker and this time I got my camera out in time to take its photo.

The other exciting wildlife was a llama Danny and I saw tied up at the base camp next to the lake.  It was really excited to see us and stood and wagged its tail as we hiked past.  Because of past interactions with llamas (my sisters will remember this from my wedding) I knew they could be mean so I didn't get too close.  But I made my best llama impression instead.

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