Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Panguin Falls

Two weeks back we spent a few hours one day taxiing around the Panguin Falls area outside of Pucón.  There are three waterfalls to visit, the second two had nice little hikes prior to enormous waterfalls cascading down the moss-lined rocks.  Our taxi driver was really sweet and took on the job of tour operator as he hopped out at each stop and hiked along with us explaining all he could about the area.
After the falls we headed into the town of Pucon to walk around and have lunch.  Pucon is a hopping summer vacation area with all kinds of adventure tourism opportunities.  You can white-water raft, climb volcanoes, rappel down waterfalls, and the list goes on, all within an hour or so from here.
really cool log ladder

Salta China

Free Popsicles with entry!

Old water channel

Salta Leon

Crazy mist from Salta Leon

Me and Harper below Salta Leon 

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