Thursday, November 24, 2011

We don't play Fantasy Football...

So we’ve invented Fantasy Thanksgiving!

(Just a little background- It is 9pm Thursday night and we are in bed at the farm still hungry after a sparse dinner of noodles with eggplant/tomato sauce, shaved carrots and pineapple tea.  We’ve been trying to forget that the rest of our family was enjoying a feast of great proportions.  No such luck.)

Here is Danny and Angela’s Fantasy Thanksgiving lineup:

Lauren’s artichoke dip
Jalapeño pub cheese
Plain cheese and crackers
Uncle Ryan’s Lou Malnati's-style pizza (a small slice for an appetizer!)

Red wine
Grandpa Chris’ organic, free-range turkey with homemade gravy
Mashed potatoes with gravy
Green bean casserole with the crunchy onions-from-a-can on top
Meghan’s sweet potato pie
Aunt Dianne’s carrot ring
Cranberry Jell-O with whipped creamy goodness on top
Stuffing (without raisins, apples, sausage, etc.  Just the plain old stuff we grew up with)
Amber’s Corn Po pudding
Homemade rolls, many of them, with butter
Black Olives, enough for one on each finger (just for Angela)

Halftime Show:
Repeat Offense

Special Teams:
Small slice of apple pie, small slice of pumpkin pie, Ala Mode
Top if off with one of Grandma Mary’s oatmeal cookies
Coffee with half and half

Midnight snack of a turkey sandwich (Danny’s addition) and one (or four) more oatmeal cookies

Over-Under: 10 lbs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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