Sunday, November 6, 2011

Harper's thoughts on Quito so far...

Quito looks different than Carbondale because there are lots of golden churches here.  Me and mom looked inside a church .  It was all gold, almost not any more colors.  It was so pretty.

Harper at la Compañia de Jesús

Yesterday at lunch we had an empanada de morocho.  Morocho is a kind of corn.  We had one of these at the soccer game, too.  It is good but sometimes they have cheese in it.

We can’t drink the water from the sink so we have a water bottle and we keep water in that and then when we brush our teeth we use the water in the bottle.

There is a park here named Caroline (just like my cousin!)  It is named Parque Carolina.  At the park there is a museum there where me and Daddy got to hold a boa.  There is also a ride (like an old carnival ride).  I went on a black horse with a white tail and it had a pink saddle.  The thing that wasdifferent about it was that a grandma was the one pushing it to go around.  It kept going and going until the grandma stopped pushing it around.  A little girl there cried so much because she wanted to get off.  Also at the park was a bungee jumping trampoline and I jumped really high.  You could do flips but I was too scared to do it.
Carnival ride pushed by "a grandma"

The park is different from Carbondale because it has a real airplane that you can climb on to and into it.  It is a real airplane that couldn’t work any more so the pilots brought it to a park so kids could play with it.  It doesn’t look like a regular airplane because it is colorful, painted with little animals on it and a big face is on the front.  The windows make the eyes of the face.

Inside the plane- no seats!

Out on the wing

Crazy slide from above the wing.

In Spanish people say my name like this, “Hyper” and “Allper” (or kind of a combination of the two.)  People have to try it lots of times to get it right.  When I first met our host family they asked me, “Como te llamas? (what is your name) and I said “Harper, es dificil en español.”  Everyone laughed at that!

This morning I fell off my chair and I hurted my knee.  Mom wrapped up a container of ice cream and put it on my knee.  I think that it will have a big bruise on it.

Today I am going to have a playdate!  Yesterday we met a girl named Camila and her mom, Paola.  They said we should all go to the park together.  Camila is seven years old and she speaks Spanish.  She has a little dog named Princesa.  I am excited.

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