Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy 11-11-11

We got good news from Dr. Jijon that Cal doesn't have any other parasites, amoebas, or bacteria growing in his gut.  He seems pretty much back to normal and just happily scarfed down some of a chocolate bar dredged through peanut butter for our homemade, dinner-out-was-going-too-late dessert.  It is amazing how much lighter Danny and I are feeling with Cal healthy again.  Even though it was just bad diarrhea and head/tummyaches, having a sick kid away from home was pretty stressful.  Whether it was or not, each decision we were making felt so crucial.  Now we are back to that "strolling around town" feeling of traveling.  Much better.

Yesterday we finished up with our homestay.  Our week and a half at Olga and Angel's house was great in so many ways.  Living in their house we got to ease into being in a big city.  They had lots of ideas for us in terms of where to visit and what places our kids might enjoy best.  Having breakfast and dinner prepared for us each day made our daily excursions so easy- we didn't have to go from restaurant to restaurant making numerous choices about what and where to feed our kids.  We spoke lots of Spanish and the kids picked up more new words like trenzas ((braids) Olga liked to do Harper's hair,) guayábana (a fruit for smoothies,) and manjar de leche (caramel spread that Diana liked to each from the jar with a spoon.)  Although they had never hosted a family before, Olga provided a few great "toys" for Cal and Harper to play at the house.  An old truck, poker chips, dominoes, and a couple decks of cards kept our kids busy for long stretches at a time.  The game pieces acted as building materials, road sets, babies (when wrapped up in the green felt poker mat) and garbage trucks (surprise, surprise.)  Overall, it seemed like the family really enjoyed the energy that Cal and Harper brought to the house.  More than once our kids were referred to as the "nietos." (grandkids) 

Cal and Harper with Olga and Diana
So we checked into a hostel yesterday afternoon.  With Cal feeling better we thought it was safe to move.  It is nice to be in a space all our own.  While staying with Olga and Angel was a godsend when Cal was sick, coming and going without checking in with anyone feels nice too.  It is quiet, clean and bright, and we found a place that doesn't have much of the backpacker-vibe going on.  It is close to some good international restaurants and cafes, as well as Quito's new version of Starbucks: the yogurt shop (which I will write more about some time later.)

For the weekend we are going to stay here and do things around the city.  Today we went to the Natural Science Museum and since it was empty the kids had a ball running from exhibit to exhibit.  We hope to go to the TeleferiQo either tomorrow or Sunday, which is a gondola ride up the side of the volcano east of Quito.  Also we hope to visit el Mitad del Mundo- the actual place where the equator crosses Ecuador.  Touristy, yes, but how can we come here and not lay across the line of the center of the Earth?!?
Harper's favorite exhibit at the museum

Alright, that's about it here.  Ciao

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