Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting better

After five days of feeling really crummy, Cal is getting better.  We met with a great doctor on Monday and lab tests came back that he has rotavirus (which I am pretty sure we vaccinated against but understandably it was probably a different strain.)  We are waiting for one other lab to return just to rule out any other weird stuff (his white blood cell count was high showing a possible other infection) but Cal is feeling better and his tummy is definitely improving.  He is eating regular foods again and the diarrhea has stopped.  Thankfully he is no longer complaining of stomachaches and headaches.  Instead of needing an antibiotic we are filling him with probiotics (good bacteria for his GI tract) and lots of liquids.  He has taken a nap everyday this week (so we KNOW he was feeling sick!) but his wild and crazy Cal energy is coming back.
We are just starting to think about the rest of our time here in Quito.  The night Cal got sick we literally had just sat down in bed with our laptop, the Lonely Planet book and the map to plan out some overnights away from Quito. Then the vomiting started.  So now we are back to square one with about 2 weeks left before Danny's sister, Shari, and her husband, John, come to meet us back at the Rio Muchacho farm.  Hopefully we will still get up to Otavalo and Mindo like we thought before but now I can't help feeling a little more cautious about getting further away from the health care here.  We'll see.

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