Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Little Late...

Photos from Otavalo:

Peguche Falls

Cal attempts to make more noise than the falls

Our hike along the stream from the falls

Not-so-soft tent sites- bring your pacopad.

Danny is ready to move in

Parque Condor

The read Birdman, sorry Chris Andersen

Lago San Pablo

Gringo, the bald eagle 

Animal Market

Cuy business was good

The four little pigs

Llamas for sale!
 Meeting Anibal's family

Anibal's sister, Anita, her daughter, Jazmin, and husband, Luis

Ecuadorians make us look like giants!

Anibal's mother is behind Harper.  Harper is sitting on Anibal's sister Nieve's lap.  Anibal's brother (I forgot his name!) is next to Cal 
Above Otavalo at the Mountaintop lodge

Equatorial marker from an expedition by the French in 1732

The ten-legged spider!

Harper and I rode a horse named Carolina

Danny and Cal with our guide, JoseMaria

Harper is ready for lesson from Sarah next summer!
Kids to play with!

Early morning volcano watching.  Cal looks like a bruiser in this picture!


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  2. The last pic is so cool. Definitely a keeper.

  3. I agree with Ryan!! Just beautiful!!