Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mas fin de la semana...

On Saturday we visited a couple of the gardens in the area.  First we stopped by the Feria del las Orquedeas (Orchid Fair.)  There were a lot of little craft stands where the kids each bought a sopresa for 25 cents.  Cal opened his unmarked and wrapped box to find a shiny silver necklace, but Harper wasn’t so lucky and unwrapped a pair of pierced earrings.  We walked around some,  climbed a huge rock sculpture, checked out the orchids and then walked to lunch.  

La Sopresa!
Could someone please remove the kid from my eye?
Next we took a taxi above town to a different garden, El Jardin Explorador.  It was incredible.  The grounds were decorated with all kinds of recycled objects.  The sprinklers were made into people with big bright eyes and red smiling lips.  There was a huge swingset to play on and the flowers were planted in whimsical designs and paths to follow around the property.  At every turn we read funny and wise signs about how to live your life.  It was a really fun afternoon.

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