Thursday, April 12, 2012

La Jungla

On Tuesday Harper, Cal and Danny went to La Jungla, an animal rescue center.  Here are some thoughts on the experience from the kids:

 Harper: There were monkeys, goats and a horse.  Also there were birds like toucans and parrots.  The toucan was biting Daddy's ankle, shoe and pants.  Daddy said, "Agh! Agh!"  The toucans were very colorful.  I love the toucan’s green, orange, red, and blue beak.  And it had a little bit of purple mixed in the black feathers on its back.  The parrot had to have his wing cut off because it was maybe broken, so it now stays in one place.  It was all different colors, too.

Cal: There was a baby monkey and the baby monkey hopped on the back of the big one and and and and and the big one carried the baby around.  I thought it was really really really good at La Jungla because there was one horse that I really liked the color and when we were going in to see it, the goats came in with us.
Harper: One time when we were feeding the animals, the baby monkey jumped on my head.  I liked that it jumped on my head because it was kind of fun to have a monkey on me.  I fed the monkey a banana and my brother.  whoops.  I mean, and my brother fed it, too.
There were also lots of goats there and we got to feed the goats some grain.  At first I was afraid to go in the fence because the goats have big horns and I was afraid that they would bonk me or something like that.  But when I got in I was so happy because they were fun to feed.  I poured the grain in the tray and as I poured it the goats knew I was doing it and put their heads in the way.  It was hard for me to do it because all the goats started to get grain on top of their heads.  It was really funny though.  Also there was a daddy of almost all of the goats.  He was so big and he was standing up against the fence and his horns were huge.  I liked him.

Cal: I didn't get any turns with it.  I didn't like that the monkey didn't jump on my head.  It was fun when we were drawing close to the monkeys because we wanted to draw what they looked like.

Harper: And the person who worked at the rescue center told us about all the animals.  Then we got back to the tables outside so we could sit down and we thought she said she would bring us “solo agua” but we didn’t understand her Spanish and she brought us soda and agua instead!  It was red strawberry soda.  We never get to order that with mom and dad.

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