Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jaco Hike with Randall

Scarlet Macaws - a group of more than 20 birds passed over the coast while we stopped at the lookout on our hike!

Poison dart frog
Wednesday morning Randall took us hiking up a hill on the south side of Jaco to look for wildlife.  We saw scarlet macaws, poison dart frogs, lizards, lots of different little birds and butterflies.  The scarlet macaws were definitely the most impressive.  They fly in pairs back and forth across the coast throughout the day.  We could hear their calls screeching out just before they all came into view at the lookout on the top of the hill.  Their colorful feathers were incredible, like a tie-dye shirt for Mountain Fair!  Randall is a really knowledgeable guide and we learned a lot from him about the animals and plants of the area while we hiked.  It was a nice morning.

Harper spreads the seeds from the balsa tree

Randall taught Harper all about ants- how they work together, the hierarchy in the colony, what happens when one gets lost in the line, all kinds of neat stuff!

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