Monday, October 24, 2011

Top Tens

Top Ten Things We Will Miss Most about Rio Muchacho:
10. Eating directly from the garden
9. All the kids for our kids to play with (and bonus they all spoke some Spanish together!)
8. Doing the transformations for some of our common foods
7. Fresh fruit with granola every morning
6.  Playing soccer in the dusty road
5.  Garden work, especially weeding with the matchete
4.  Baking soda cookies from the tienda next to the school
3. All the kind adults who played soccer, drew pictures, gave hammock rides, shot marbles, taught Spanish, told knock-knock jokes, served lunch, tickled, and read with our kids.
2.  Sharing travel stories with other volunteers over communal meals
1.  The smiles on our kids’ faces each day here
Laura reads to the kids
Manny shoots marbles with Cal
Norita sets the table for dinner
Dinner time

Top Ten Things We Won’t Miss about Rio Muchacho:
10.  Our nightly ritual of killing the crickets that jumped from the wall to our bed
9. The world’s most uncomfortable bed
8. Canned tuna served for dinner
7. Harper’s teacher’s two-week absence from work
6.  Tick, flea and mystery bug bites
5. Massive overusage of vegetable oil in the kitchen
4.  Charito, the largest, most aggressive and scariest pig on the farm (she actually brought me to tears one morning)
3.  Termite poop all over our beds at the end of each day
2. No dessert!
1.  Mildew, mildew, mildew

She stands and bellows for breakfast.  Yikes!

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