Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Post from Cal and Harper


Harper’s explanation:

First we feed the cuis.*  I like that we get to look at them.  Today there was a new baby, although it looks a little sick.  After the cuis we sweep up the Sai Baba Garden.  It is hard work and sometimes I get tired and sometime I don’t.  Next we go to the garden and fill up bags with dirt.  After the bags get filled we put seeds in them.  Next we eat a snack in the garden.  Cal eats carrots!  And the tops of the carrots go to the bunny and the goat.  I like to eat onion tops and cilantro.  While we are in the garden we also collect flowers to send to EcoPapel. We put the flowers in a big book to mash them and make them flat.  Finally we get to eat a snack from the pantry.  Usually it is a banana and sometimes it is an orange.  Our chores take us 2 hours and my favorite part is snacking in the garden.  Cal’s favorite parts is eating, too.

* (I know this Spanish spelling isn't right.  It means guinea pigs and rhymes with gooeys.) 

In Cal’s words:

For our chores we do get to fill bags up to the top. We fill the bags and put them near the other bags.  We put in seeds for the dirt to grow bigger.  The seed will make a chocolate plant.  Benjamín moves the bags with the chocolate plants to the garden to grow more.  Then we sweep the Sai Baba Garden.  It is fun.  With the guinea pigs we feed them cilantro, carrots and beets.  And we feed the pigs our leftover soup.  I wish I were a pig.  Then I could live in a pigpen.

Baby guinea pig

These are actually delicacies in Ecuador, but not at the farm.

Sai Baba Garden- a place for meditation, yoga, etc.  Harper and Cal also like to put on shows here.

Planting seeds after we've filled the bags with compost and humus. 

Banana trees 

Rows and rows and rows and rows of food!

Feeding the bunny the parts of the veggies we don't eat

Harper holding what we call the "inside-out bean"

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