Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eco Papel

Each week we take Wednesday afternoon off from farm work and have a "cultural afternoon" with the rest of the volunteers.  This week we went to Bahia and visited a recycling and paper-making company.  The folks at Rio Muchacho started EcoPapel, which collects paper from the surrounding schools and business and makes into new paper.  Here are some photos of Harper making a piece of paper and some bookmarks we decorated with the flowers collected at the farm.  They sell notecards, boxes, and paper within the community and some is sold internationally as well.

Harper pulls the screen through the paper "mulch" 

Next she dumped the paper on the screen onto a drying sheet and then it gets hung out in the sun to dry.

Here are 2 bookmarks we decorated that were made from the ecopaper.

Harper decorating a bookmark with Marta.  Many of the workers here were hired from a shrimp company that is overshrimping and destroying the mangroves as a result.

And the ride back to the farm WITHOUT CARSEATS! 

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