Thursday, March 1, 2012

Travel Day

Cal reads up on his Darwin before heading to the Beagle Channel.

On Tuesday morning we visited the Glacier Museum in El Calafate.  It was a cool little place with a 3-D movie about the glaciers and tons of information in Spanish and English (our first museum in English in 6 months!)  We blew our chance to check out the ice bar in the museum's lower level.  Looking back we should have given it a look because how many chances do you get to sit at a bar made entirely of ice and have a drink served in an ice glass while sitting on an ice stool, all the while wearing a silly plastic insulated spacesuit-looking-costume to stay warm?  Definitely a lame moment for us.  Oh well.
In the late afternoon we headed over to the airport for our flight.  Two late taxis made Shirley a little nervous about getting there in time but once we checked our bags we were notified that our flight was delayed until 10pm.  So Grandma, Grandpa, Harper, Cal, Danny and I hung out in the Calafate airport for the evening killing time.  Some German guy was chatting Shirley up all about his travels in South America.  Bob found a little black cat wandering the ticket area and gave it a nice long scratch.  Harper and Cal plugged in to Plaza Sésamo (episodes of Sesame Street in Spanish on our laptop.)  And Danny and I wandered aimlessly since we had checked our books in our packs just seconds before they told us about the delay.
Thankfully once the plane took off it was a smooth flight. Cal slept the whole way and we all arrived in Ushuaia in the dark, ready to wake up and see the Beagle Channel, the mountains in almost every direction and the little seaside city when we awoke.  

Bob and the cat

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  1. Oh Angela, I must admit I have been busy and not following the blog too often. I promise to get caught up this w-e. We love you and thanks so much for sharing your awesome experience. Love, Uncle Greg