Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Buenos Aires

We've had a slow start here in Buenos Aires.  We arrived a week ago in a huge downpour and ended up changing apartments after the first night (spotty electricity in our building.)  And then Thursday brought on a stomach flu that has gone through all four of us over the last six days.  I haven't written anything much this week because we haven't been exploring like we'd hoped.
Cal learned to do the monkey bars this week at a little park close to our apartment.
We were able to get out a little bit here and there.  We took a ride on the double decker bus with Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Bob on Wednesday to see many of the neighborhoods and Cal got his "stander" fix in for the week.  Danny and Harper saw Barrio China with Bob and Shirley one day and had a good time looking through the numerous Chinese grocery stores and sampling the treats.
Shirley and I went to the street fair in San Telmo on Saturday and walked the long streets filled with all sorts of vendors selling everything from antiques, clothes, outfits for dogs, Tango CDs to leather jackets, magnets, jewelry, and art.  The handmade, up-cycled clothes were my favorite ones, making me miss the sewing machine a bit.
Urban trekking through Buenos Aires
Shirley and I took an afternoon walk through the markets of San Telmo on Sunday
Stones on a bridge
Harper found a huge tree near Chinatown perfect for climbing.
Harper, Bob and Shirley took in a Tango show on Saturday night.  Shirley and Bob gave Harper a new dress espescially for the night and she was thrilled to have a long, flowing gown to wear to the show. (She also has yet to take it off.)  Even though she was still a little under the weather she really enjoyed the show and had a lot to tell me, Cal and Danny about it the  next day.
Harper and Grandma Shirley all gussied up for the Tango show.
We've been lucky to have Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Bob with us these last few days.  They were able to get out and see a bit more of the city than us with a bike tour one day and a ferry trip to Uruguay another, but most of the time they have been spending time with our kids.  Harper and Cal have really enjoyed all the fun things they've done just with Grandma and Grandpa (like going out for ice cream, eating meals together, creating science experienements, and coloring pictures.)

Last night we said good bye to Grandpa Bob and Grandma Shirley.  We all were sad and Cal spent the rest of the night wondering "where they are flying over."  It was a little hard for the kids to know that they were headed back to Colorado (Cal at one point said he and Harper were going to leave with them and Danny and I could just "meet them back at home.")  But they also know that we have lots of beach time, cousin time (the Danny's sister's family meets us in Panama in less than 2 weeks,) animal seeing time, new friend meeting time, and exploring time left to do.

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