Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ciao Santiago

It is our last week in Santiago.  We fly to the Chilean Lake District on Friday.  We've had a great time in this city and we'll miss lots about it.  But we can't say we aren't looking forward to cooler weather, less pollution, and some good ole time outdoors.  

Here are a few recent photos:
Artist, Ale Missene, works on La Guillermina,  a replica of one of the pieces at Pablo Neruda's Isla de la Negra house.   We are sending it home and crossing our fingers that it is there when we return.

Harper and Isadora, a friend from theater class, who had Harper over for a play date today.

On stage with the cast and other kids in the audience after a performance of La Sirenita, the Little Mermaid.

I had to try on a pair of these boot/sandals,  They are all rage here in Santiago.   (and maybe other places? I wouldn't know.)

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