Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School Visit

Yesterday we visited a school in Bahia.  Alfredo, the owner of the inn at which we are staying, opened and helps run the school.  Danny’s cousin, Laurie and her husband, Anibal taught and worked here when they lived in Ecuador 4 years ago.  Their son, Camilo, attended the school and today we met his former classmates.  The school is based on teaching the principles of Human Values: non-violence, love, respect, fairness, etc.

The teachers and students welcomed us with hugs and songs.  Harper and Cal spent the first 15 or minutes hiding behind our legs and chewing on their fingers.  After a visit in the preschool/kindergarten class full of songs and energy our kids began to loosen up and enjoy the other children.  The older kids began asking Harper her name, how old she was, etc. and surprisingly to all of us Harper began answering their questions without our translations.  The school also had a play area and our kids spent a while on the monkey bars while we talked to some of the older kids about their schedules and studies. 

I think this morning was a nice introduction into the Spanish-speaking school experience.  The Harper and Cal were definitely nervous but it didn’t take too long relax a bit and enjoy being around other kids.  Harper said her favorite part of the school was the kids because “they are so friendly.”  

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